Isatphone 1000 Unit Voucher - 365 Days

Isatphone 1000 Unit Voucher - 365 Days

  • 769 Minutes.
  • 365 Days validity.
  • Coverage area: Global.
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Isatphone 1000 Unit - 365 Days Validity

IsatPhone Global Prepaid SIM Cards offer 50 to 10000 units of airtime, great rates, no activation fees, and worldwide coverage.

With a range of expiry periods to choose from, IsatPhone prepaid cards are ideal for seasonal users of IsatPhone Pro and Isatphone 2, or anyone on a fixed budget because there are no overage fees.

Coverage Map

Isatphone 1000 Unit Voucher


Isatphone 1000 Unit Card Burn Rates

IsatPhone Prepaid Cards 50 - 10000 Units
Landline/cellular FREE
SMS/Text messages FREE
Landline/cellular/voicemail 1.3 units
Other IsatPhone 1.3 units
Text messages 0.5 units/msg
Tracking text messages 0.5 units/msg
Other Inmarsat 2.5 units
Isatphone voice 11.0 units
Globalstar 8.0 units
Thuraya 5.0 units
Other satellite networks 6.9 units

Please note that although this rate plan covers two services: IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone Link and each service has its own dedicated SIM version, ie the IsatPhone Pro SIM will not work in an IsatPhone Link.


Isatphone 1000 Unit Voucher Terms & Conditions

Redemption Rules for all vouchers from 18.09.2017:
  • Upon redemption of a voucher, the units will be added to the existing balance on the subscription and the expiry date of the units will be the date falling at the end of the balance extension period from the redemption of a voucher or the existing balance expiry date on the subscription, whichever is later.
  • SIM cards can be activated online within 1 year of purchase
  • The expiry date of your SIM card begins when the card is activated or refilled
  • Maximum expiry period per account is 3 years
  • Calls to check voicemail are considered outgoing calls
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